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In the current dynamic phase of India's progress, characterized by an unwavering commitment to 'Amritkaal,' the imperative of social development assumes paramount significance. It is in this context, driven by the overarching goal of meeting the multifaceted needs of our vast population and bolstering the nation's workforce by enhancing socio-economic indicators, that we embark on an in-depth examination of the Budget 2023. 

This comprehensive report, crafted under the auspices of Project Asha & Umeed at Vittshala, SRCC, is not an attempt to merely unveil the future aspirations of India but rather a critical scrutiny. It aims to inspect the budget through the lens of social welfare and the fortification of our foundational structures. Through rigorous analysis, this report endeavours to provide insights into the diverse initiatives undertaken by the government in this domain, the current status of their implementation, and a comparative study spanning previous years. Ultimately, the objective is to present recommendations and strategies that can guide us towards a more equitable and prosperous future. 

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