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Preliminary Round

Jan. 16, 2019 - Jan. 17, 2019

Intermediate Round

Jan. 18, 2019 - Jan. 19,2019

Final Round

Jan. 23, 2019


16th JANUARY 2019

16:00 IST

The Financial Literacy Colloquy or TFLC is the annual festival of Vittshala. It is hosted every year in the month of January, during the college festive season. The fest is curated at the national level, receiving far-reaching participation from both undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the country. It provides them with an opportunity to hone their skills, knowledge and abilities, and uncover the true potential of their human resources. TFLC is a seamless blend of finance, commerce and economics that involves taking calculated risks, making educated guesses, and indulging in research-based learning. It offers a challenging platform to all the participants by engaging them in a battle of intellect and wit. With diversifying financial markets in the emerging market economies and increasing consumerism across all sectors, it is imperative that we, the leaders of tomorrow, have an understanding of the present global trends along with the ability to correlate the past and future scenarios in context of the present. TFLC seeks to mold our perspectives in congruence with reality, transforming us into powerful visionaries. It has been geared to fuel our creativity, innovation and imagination.


The first ever TFLC was organized on 23rd March 2020. It comprised of three multi-faceted events. A soaring participation of 2,500 students was witnessed during the fest, which marked a significant and successful milestone for Vittshala and its sponsors.

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