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"Welcome to Vittshala - The Financial Literacy Cell at Shri Ram College of Commerce. Our mission is to empower diverse sections of society with essential financial knowledge. Vittshala is dedicated to making financial literacy a powerful tool for uplifting the underprivileged. In pursuit of our vision for a financially inclusive India, we continually release high-quality publications. 


Vittipedia, the financial literacy curriculum, stands as a self-explanatory and highly educational resource. It serves as a comprehensive guide, offering profound insights into a multitude of financial concepts. Within its purview, Vittipedia covers a broad spectrum of topics, including Bonds, Corporate Restructuring, Stocks, Insurance, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and an array of other essential financial subjects. This valuable repository of knowledge is designed to empower individuals with a deep understanding of financial principles and practices. 


Vittyarthi, the innovative financial literacy comic, offers a progressive and engaging approach to educating individuals about finance. This unique resource spans a wide spectrum of topics, starting with foundational concepts and progressively equipping students with a diverse range of financial knowledge through the use of compelling characters. 


Vittyarthi comprises two distinct levels: Vittyarthi Level One, which introduces primary school students to fundamental financial concepts, and Vittyarthi Level Two, a more advanced tier that delves deeper into intricate financial principles. This multifaceted comic series serves as an invaluable tool for nurturing financial literacy and understanding. 

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