Under Vittshala's ambit, various projects and campaigns have been initiated with an aim of reaching out to the needy and equipping them with sufficient financial knowledge to lead a better life. Currently, we have undertaken three projects in Delhi NCR: Asha, Sahay and Umeed & two outstation projects: Khushhali and Uttara.


Empowering factory workers & urban slum dwellers in aligning their expenditure & savings with their long-turn goals.


Educating the future of the nation: children about the basics of financial literacy for a financially secure future.

Project umeed

Facilitating the development of lower rung of organisations: the Grade -IV employees, through financial inclusion. 

Project khushhali

Spreading happiness by motivating the villagers to transcend their financial boundaries.

Project uttara

Facilitating the sustainable development of certain districts through financial literacy campaigns.